Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will Rob sign the prints?

Every print has Rob's signature. This is carefully and individually placed on every new print in a way you'd expect to see on a painting (Note: samples on this site are done automatically and might not reflect the carefully placed signature you'll see on the final product).

signature on prints

We also attach information to the rear of the framing that tells a little about the print, has contact information, and some advice about hanging.

Why own a print by Rob Suisted?

Rob Suisted is one of New Zealands top, and most experienced, photographers. For instance, he has 16 books published (one winning the prestigous NZ Book awards), over 20 of his images are used on the NZ currency bank notes, over 50 NZ postage stamps, he's a regular assignment photographer for NZ Geographic Magazine, and has won multiple awards, including NZ Photographer of the Year.

His work is to a very high standard, and ranges over an almost impossibly diverse portfolio, maybe unmatched in New Zealand. This collection is hand picked from his much larger collection, for images of the highest qulaity and most suitable to hang as artwork. We hope you can find something to fall in love with. If you'd like to know more about Rob Suisted, read our About Page, or visit his Blog.

What quality are your large prints?

The best.

Rob strives for the best quality available. He's hand picked every image here so he'll be proud for it to hang on someone's wall, and they're long odds; only 1 in 50 has made it this far from only the images that have made it into his 70,000+ collection.

Today Rob shoots on the top of the line professional digital equipment. Previously many of these images were taken on professional medium format film equipment. His panorama or square format files are not cropped from single frames, but have been professionally combined from up to 12 frames to give very large quality files.

He specialises in images that can be used in large reproductions such as billboards and murals (seen the huge images in Auckland and Christchurch airports lately?).

Further, all images have been carefully processed and colour management profiled on high end monitors and calibration equipment to ensure the best colour rendition and matching.

How are prints finished?

All prints are mounted over sturdy timber framing and the side edges are blackened. We believe that black edging is the most striking finish. The thickness of the side profile is approximately 32mm and the prints arrive ready to hang - no framing necessary which makes a canvas print an attractive cost effective option to traditionally framed images.

The material is a synthetic canvas - not traditional cotton canvas. Because of this, photographic reproduction is superior and we are able to stretch it super tight (it sounds like a drum when flicked), so it won't sag over time like some we have seen from other sources.

Is shipping in New Zealand Free?

YES, shipping throughout New Zealand is 100% FREE     free shipping

Do you ship overseas?

We can ship UN-MOUNTED prints overseas. It's much cheaper to send the canvas and have it stretched and mounted by a local framer as this is fairly common practice now. See below for information on un-mounted prints.

Please email us if you'd like more information, or a quote for this.

What about un-mounted prints?

Yes, we do this. Either drop us an email, or simply go ahead and make your order, clearly stating on your order (during checkout) that you want UN-MOUNTED. Our print maker charges us exactly the same price for mounted or unmounted prints, so unfortunately we can't discount these.

If you are having the print mounted by a framer, we would suggest asking your framer several questions: have they mounted canvas prints before? Are they familiar with how tight a quality synthetic canvas print should be stretched (ours are drum tight and will never sag)?

Un-mounted is a great solution if you're sending overseas. See above.

What payments options do you have?

Currently we can take payment for: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, ApplePay, Google Pay, Account2Account, & others:  

We'll happily issue invoices for larger jobs to bonafide purchasers (please discuss), or we can provide bank details for direct payments to account.

Do you have advice about panoramas?

Some of our panorama formats can be quite wide. It's important to consider the shortest side measurement.

If the panorama is very wide compared to its height be sure to order a print of sufficient size so as not to lose the details. Cost is based on area so a panorama is relatively cheaper the narrower it is, so it's worth considering the biggest size you can justify. Feel free to drop us a line if you'd like more advice.

How long does delivery take?

Between 1 to 2 weeks* anywhere in New Zealand (except maybe Pitt Island, Campbell Island, the Kermadecs and some other neat spots.)

We think it's tough waiting for stuff you really want, but we reckon it's worth the wait, and it's only a speck of time compared to how long we hope you'll enjoy the image hanging on your wall. Our advice is to order a print, forget about it, and when the courier knocks on your door you'll have that Xmas feeling all over...but of course we're a bit biased on that.

* We can do rush jobs, see below.

Rush my canvas art printRUSH MY PRINT - What if I'm in a hurry a print ASAP?

We're able to schedule a rush job with our printer for an extra $10 per print.

Just add this to your order at checkout time, or by clicking here: Rush my canvas art print

If delivery is in NZ, then we can normally get delivery time down to 3-5 days. Feel free to discuss with us - we've worked miracles before, and are always keen to do it again.

Rush my Print isn't available from Xmas until early January. Please contact if you want further info.

Is there somewhere we can view your prints?

Yes. If you're in Wellington Whitebait Restaurant have a number of our canvas prints, and several very large ones they rotate out over the seasons. They're also an excellent place to dine, or grab a coffee, so perhaps pay them a visit and take a look. We also have a few large canvasses in our studio/office and would be happy to show you these by arrangement. We're in Wellington, New Zealand.

What about hanging our print?

Your prints will arrive ready to hang. In our experience, we've found the best solution is two small nails or panel pins (fine nails used to fit mouldings and skirting boards) nailed into the wall for the top frame to rest on. If you use a spirit level when you hammer in the nails/panel pins you will never have to adjust the level of the print again.

The prints are lightweight and we've even found that several carefully placed panel pins will support a large print in plasterboard/gib even if you have no solid timber studs behind.

If the print is to be hung in an area that may get wind gusts from open windows, you might look at a more secure hanging option. Also, if you insert the panel pins on a slight angle (down into the wall), the print frame will hang on the head of the nail and tend to move less and be more secure.

How do we look after the prints?

Our prints are quite robust. Of course, any pigment will fade with UV and sunlight. So, we strongly recommend not hanging your print in direct or strong sunlight to give it a nice long healthy life.

What about commercial or large orders?

We regularly work with designers / project managers / architects and others on large commercial projects and are happy to discuss, and can provide quotes and discounts based on quantity.

We also support a number of special causes and non-profit organisations with special rates, so please discuss if you fall into this category.

What if we can't find what we're looking for?

This collection is a small fraction of Rob Suisted's photographic work.

You are welcome to browse Rob's Nature's Pic Images web site for other images, and we can advise suitability of use. Otherwise, just drop us an email with what you're after and we'll see what we have for you. We're into finding solutions.

New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand...

We're passionate about New Zealand (can you tell?).

We're Kiwis, 100% Kiwi owned, and print all our work in New Zealand.

We're friendly helpful people behind a website, committed to great service.

We're here to discuss things, support you and make sure any questions or issues are looked after - feel free to pick up the phone for a chat.

We're NOT just another foreign photo library sourcing NZ photos globally, fronting a website that looks like it's local and printing in some far off land.

What feedback have you had?

Check out our Customer Feedback page

How many prints do you have?

Currently we have over 6,000 high quality prints available on this website.

But, Rob Suisted has a collection of over 70,000 New Zealand images at his site Any of these images are available too and we can give you a quote if you give us an image ID number (such as 11488bf03).

Can I customise? Triptychs, special edges, special crops, B&W etc

Yes, of course. We're into finding solutions not problems. Drop us a line and we'll work to create your vision or special requests. In many cases we can make simple changes without extra cost or delivery time

We've created black and white versions, split images into multiple frames, created special crops to fit special wall spaces, joined images & many other requests before. Below are a few examples of custom ideas. Custom ideas