Written by Harry Broad, Photographed by Rob Suisted, Published by Craig Potton Publishing Ltd

The name of Molesworth has huge national recognition, not only because it is our largest high-country station, but also because of the remarkable story of how, from the early 1940s, the legendary manager Bill Chisholm rebuilt a ruined landscape and turned it into a flourishing and profitable farm.

Molesworth covers an area greater than Stewart Island, and is in every sense a working farm, home to one of the country’s largest cattle herds… For many years it was virtually closed to the public, which is one reason for its mystique, but that is in the process of change. Vehicle access is now allowed during the summer months, up the Acheron Road and down the Awatere Valley, which gives the public the chance to experience this unique environment.

The last account of Molesworth was published in 1969, so this book is a timely continuation of its history. It tells the stories of those who have contributed so much over the years to this highly successful station. Just as importantly, it explains the relevance of recreation and conservation in the running of a modern high-country farm.

Richly illustrated with the sweeping and evocative photography of Rob Suisted, this book on Molesworth Station is a must for all those interested in the iconic South Island high country. It will appeal to a very wide range of readers, from those who know the high country well,
to those who don’t, but love reading about it.

*UPDATE: Molesworth won the booksellers choice award at the NZ Annual Book Awards! Read about it.

ISBN 9781877517167, 250 x 310 mm,Hardback with jacket, 200 pages approx.

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